Think College is Fun.. Think Again !!

20 11 2008

When i was in High School, people used to tell me that College is the best place you can ever be. They used to talk of lots of Parties, Free time for yourself and less stress.

Well i believed that and looked forward to it because i was so fed up of the Stress and Exams in High School. I thought when i finally joined College, i would get more freedom and less stress unlike High School.

i always looked forward to the day i would join College. to me it was like a dream come true. i even partied when i finished High School because i thought that was the beginning of my freedom.

Of course i was wrong. College is one of the most stressing places you can ever be. i am actually doing much more work than i used to do at High School.

Here we write reports like every week and every exam you do contributes something to your degree. At High School, termly exams were not taken seriously so sometimes i would go for them without reading. Now i have to read for every exam i have to avoid getting low marks.

Being a Science Student, i do like 3 experiments every week and i have to write a Report for each of those. Of course i love doing experiments but the Report bit is the most nagging one. i have to do loads of research for every Report and that takes up a lot of time. so i don’t have so much free time.

The only free time i ever have is during weekends when we have no lectures. But on other days i am occupied all day.

Another thing that i hate about College is Lectures. Okay High School is worse but when i finished High School i thought i had bid good bye to writing notes. i thought we would only get Hand outs and be sent notes via email.

But that never happened. we still write Notes like crazy and you must be very fast when writing because if you are not, you will miss out on loads of things. By the time you are done with the Lecture, your fingers hurt so bad and don’t feel like attending another.

Unlike High School there is a lot of Bureaucracy here. inorder to do anything, you have to go through lots of people. For example getting an ID is a night mare. lots of documents are required and if you are missing even one, you can’t get an ID even if you paid for it. And of course you have to get one or else you won’t get any service.

Well College has good sides too. Like you get to meet people, Internet here is much better than that at High School. Lecturers are not as strict as teachers at High School.

You can also decide not to attend a Lecture and nothing will happen. Unlike High School where you get punished when you miss even one lesson.

Then the best thing about College is that, you have lots of chances to decide your future.

By this i mean that, in High School we used to do only one Final exam and your entire future after depended on that. if by luck they brought all the things you read and still remember, you pass and your future is good. But if they Brought things that you read and forgot or did not read, then that’s the end of you. so all the years of hard work and suffering can be crushed by one exam. so its all about how Lucky you are !!

For College its different, here you get to do lots of Exams, Tests and Experiments and each of those contributes to what your final CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average ) will be.

Every Semester you do Exams and they are all considered in your final mark. so that means everything you do contributes something to your final degree. meaning you can decide the degree you will get from the Freshman year.

Well College is a cool place for Studying and learning lots of new things. but its not a cool place for Partying, Having fun and all that. You relax a little bit, you are done so is your future. So all you High School students watch out.

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