Lessons of Semester 1, Year 1

11 12 2008

Contrary to what i thought, College so far has not turned out the way i hoped.

First i thought that things here would me much harder than at High School, but to my surprise things are easier here except for a few subjects like Zoology which is similar to what we did at High School. Lots of things to memorise as usual.

I am not sure why things appear to be easier than i thought but most probably its because i am reading more than i used to at High School.

At High School i would do some Exams without reading for them but here it would be suicide to do that. everything here counts.

At High School i thought i would have lots of time off and meet girls but that isn’t the case. the only girls i know are my in Class and i seem to be too focussed to think of anything else.

At College people associate with you if they need something from you. if you are bright then people will love to become your friend because they want to learn from you. In my class i am like the best at writing Reports and people want to become my friend because of that.

Another thing i have learnt here just like High School is that, your Background does not really matter, as long as you were able to make it where you are, you can make it further and even do better than people that performed better than you before.

Back in High School, there were lots of people that used to perform better than me and they were all in the best streams. no one would doubt that they wouldn’t go to College.

Actually most of them have failed to make it here. and its mostly because some where on the way they failed to get the right grades to take them further.

its always about you, you have to do your best and see what comes next. even a little more effort can make a difference.

Finally another important lesson i have learnt is that in Life, you always have to move on. let what is in the past remain in the past. Live every moment as it comes and always learn from your past mistakes.

Mistakes help us know what is good and what is bad. so whenever you make one, learn from it and don’t make it again.

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