Course Units for Semester 2, Year 1

18 12 2008

Next Semester is going to be quite tough and interesting as i will be doing tougher and more cool Course Units. here is the full list.

  • Biochemistry
    1. Tissue Structure and Function
    2. Metabolism and Metabolic Regulation
  • Botany
    1. Plant Structure and Function
    2. Basic Genetics
    3. Basic Ecology
  • Zoology
    1. Reproductive and Developmental Biology
    2. Vertebrates 1

Based High School experience, i think i will love Genetics, Metabolism, Reproduction and Vertebrates. i think i will hate Ecology, Plant function and Tissue structure because i never liked them at High School.

So next Semester is going to be quite interesting. but my perception towards the above course units might change depending on what they teach. Metabolism is interesting but very wide (5 Cu) so there will be lots of memorizing. so i might end up hating it!!

All the same i will have to do each of those Course Units and pass them. so i will have to put all my reservations aside and do my best.

Second Semester starts in February 2009

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