How Exams Went

18 12 2008
  • Physical Biochemistry

Section A was a Nightmare but Section B and C were okay. managed to finish but exam was tiring.

  • Flowering Plant Growth and Development

Like Physical Biochemistry, this paper was tricky too.
Section A, B were bad. they didnot go as expected!! Section C was okay and i am hoping to get good marks there.

The best thing is section C was out of 100 while section A & B combined were out of 95. so that means if i do best in section C, i will get better grades than if i had done section A & B better. so basically i am safe there.

  • Biomolecules: structure and Function

This is my best exam so far. everything went perfect. All sections were great and my best sections were sections A and B.

  • Micro Biology

Exam was simpler than i thought it would be. i was expecting a harder paper considering what the lecturer used to set earlier.

i tried to do my best, Section C was my best section followed by Section A and i wasn’t so sure of Section B. but i am expecting good grades.

  • Lower Invertebrates and Microscopy

Paper went good because i didnot read much but i managed to do most of the Questions.

All sections were okay and expecting good grades.

Paper was supposed to be at 8am but was postponed to 12pm giving me more time to read.

  • Higher Invertebrates

Not good at all. i read alot but forgot most of the Questions they brought so i failed most of them.

Section C was my best and had the most marks. but i still did not like what i wrote as i felt like i did not write enough. Hoping what i wrote will contribute some marks.

Section A and B were Nightmares!!

  • Plant Form, Structure and Classification of Lower and Higher Plants

Just as expected, this exam went great. section C as usual was my best and it had two numbers. i did the first number perfectly and i might get all the marks there. the second number was abit of a problem because i did not understand the Question quite well so i am not sure if wrote the right stuff. but all the same i am getting some marks there.

Section A and B were fair and i will get average marks there. since section C had the most marks i am looking forward to getting good marks in this exam.

Results of these Exams will be released at the beginning of next Semester so i have to be ready for them.

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