My College Vacation

11 01 2009

Before I started this vacation, one thing I was worried about and thought would take up most of my thoughts was the results of the Exams I did at the end of the semester.

Well although I did my best, there were exams that I didn’t trust. So I thought I would spend much of my time during the Vacation worrying about how badly I faired in some exams.

Fortunately, nothing like that has happened. Everything is okay and I am not worrying about anything at all. Everything is just fine. Christmas was okay and normal. No complications.

Its now 2009 and the next semester will be starting in about 1 month. Unlike High School where I had to read during the vacation to prepare for beginning of term exams, now I don’t need to read because what we did last semester will not be done again. We are starting new Course Units next semester. Very cool.

I don’t have to pack up anything because I stay near the college so I come from home. I don’t have to pack things and go to a Hall or Hostel. Everything is already taken are of.

So my College Vacations will always be Simple and Hassle free. That’s the kind of vacation anyone can long for.

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