19 01 2009

Today Monday, 19th January 2009 marks the beginning of Graduation Week and its the first Graduation taking place since i joined this College.

Like all Graduations that take place here Security is tight and you can get hardly anywhere without an ID. Its for the good though. Just making sure that nothing goes wrong.

But it’s not the Security that amazes me the most, its just that in 3 years time it will be me Graduating. it will most definately be me and of course i will graduate with a high CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). i am currently working on that now.

Its amazing how things turn around so quickly, about a year ago i was all tense and worried about my Final High School Exam Results. All i was praying for was a Scholarship given its benefits.

But now i don’t worry about that. All i worry about now is the kind of CGPA i will get after the 3 years. i am more certain more than anyone that my Life Long Dream of becoming a Scientist is going to be achieved. i now look at myself as more of a Scientist than a Medical Doctor. Well i now believe Things really Happen for a Reason 🙂

The Graduation will go on all week, and in about 3 weeks the new semester will begin. i am looking forward to that.

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