The First Days of Semester 2, Yr 1

12 02 2009

Finally this week, I got to have my first Lecture this Semester. Lectures were supposed to begin last week but no one seemed to notice. Some time tables were not yet out so it was impossible to attend any Lecture. Now I have all time tables for all subjects so I now know when to and when not to have lectures.

 This Semester has not started very well because I was ill at the beginning of last week. Fortunately I got to realize I was ill before it got worse so I took some medication and now I am okay.

 This Semester has not come with bad news only, there is some good news too. Last week some of the results of the exams we did last semester were released. I am happy to say I am doing very well so far but only results for four course units have been released so far. So its hard to judge what my final GPA will be. But I am sure it will be good.

 The results released are those of Biochemistry (Physical Biochemistry and Biomolecules) and Botany (Plant Growth and Microbiology) . Frankly those were my best papers, so I expected good results. I am particularly worried about Zoology 2 (Higher Invertebrates) because it did not go as expected. So I will feel at ease when I see those results. Hopefully they will be good.

 This Semester is going to present its own challenges just like other semesters. I am ready for anything and I hope everything goes well. I am particualry looking forward to the practicles especially those of Biochemistry. I am also looking forward to those of Botany and Zoology. And ofcourse when I do practicles, I will have to write Reports. Looking forward to them too.

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