7 03 2009

Today (Saturday, 7th March 2009), marks the end of one of the busiest weeks i have ever had since i joined College. It’s been very hectic all week with lots of assignments to do and reports to write.

During the weekend, I had to finish writing up the Biochemistry report and unlike past reports, this one had 3 experiments to write about. So you can imagine the size of the report. It is the biggest report I have ever written. I wasn’t able to finish writing the report during the weekend, so I had to continue on Monday and Tuesday. i finished on Tuesday and handed it in minutes later.

Then came the assignments. I had two assignments to write. One in Biochemistry and another in Zoology. The Biochemistry assignment was harder to research because there were few sites or books that had the information we were looking for. So it took me quite some time to get it.

The Zoology assignment was not so hard and didn’t require so much research. We actually had all the answers in the handout we received from the Lecturer. But it still took up most of my time and since I had to hand it in by Friday (yesterday), it became even more complicated. Luckily I finished in time. I handed in both assignments on Thursday.

We were supposed to have a Biochemistry test today but it got postponed somehow, therefore saving us from an even tougher week. If I had done that test, I would have failed miserably. The test has been pushed to Thursday next week, so I have enough time to study for it.

So far we have results for 6 out of 7 courses exams that we sat last semester. My results are good and as expected I performed worst in Higher Invertebrates. But its still above average so I don’t have a retake in any course. I am happy about my performance and I am hoping to continue doing well this semester.

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