9 04 2009

About two weeks ago, the first draft exam timetable for the final exams was released.

If no changes take place, the exams are beginning on 11th May. But i am doing my first exam (Biochemistry) on 14th May. i will end with Zoology on 27th May. I will post the full timetable when the final copy is out. The current draft is bound to change anytime.

To be honest, i am not anywhere ready for any exam right now because i believe we haven’t covered much. Last semester, the timetable was released about 3 weeks to exams. now it has been released more than a month before. Don’t know why they made it fast this time.

Anyway, i hope this will make me get more into more reading since i am now on pressure. so it was a good idea to release it early.

so far, we have done 2 tests. one in Biochemistry (Tissue Structure and Function) and another in Botany (Genetics). Genetics was yesterday and it went great.

On Saturday (11th April), i am doing a Zoology test (Reproduction) and then on 27th April i will do another Botany test (this time Ecology).

Got a busy schedule ahead of me. have to become more focussed.

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