27 05 2009

A few hours ago, i completed my last paper (Vertebrates: Origin, Classification and Evolution). Although it didn’t go very well, am glad am done because the whole Semester has been tough and now i have time to relax.

I have managed to go through the Semester successfully despite all the Hardships i have faced. Am now stronger than ever and looking forward to the future.

Unlike last semester, this semester has been full of surprises. Some good, Some bad. For example, i never imagined that the courses of this Semester would be harder than those of last Semester! Some Courses has crazy notes that you wouldn’t understand even if you read them over 10 times. Nonetheless i managed to do all of them.

This Semester, i also got to meet new people. There are people i never thought i would talk to but i did. Most people would were good and am happy that i got to know them. I believe that the people you meet now will be the people that will shape your future.

The low moments this semester have been many and most of them have been during the Exam period. Some Exams didn’t go as expected so it obviously didn’t feel good.

This semester has also been a busy one too because there has been alot of work all through out. Reports, Practicals, Assignments, Tests and Lecturers are some of the things that have been driving me nuts all through the semester. Its all been a good experience and i have learnt something new from each of them.

Beginning next Semester (starting in August 2009), am going to be a Sophomore (2nd Year Student).

I believe its going to be challenging but not like this year. But am ready for it nevertheless.

Am also looking forward to it because i have five course units next semester so it means less Work. (This semester and last semester, i had seven in each).

For now, i just want to enjoy the Vacation.

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