27 05 2009

The Exams of this Semester have not gone as good as i expected but that’s how all exams are. You have High Expectations in them and then they disappoint you!

My best Exam overall this Semester was “Metabolism & Metabolic Regulation”. I love Biochemistry so its obvious that my best Exam should come from Biochemistry.

However it wasn’t easy preparing for this Course (“Metabolism & Metabolic Regulation”). It had the most notes so you can imagine how long it took me to finish reading everything. Nonetheless, all my efforts paid off when the Exam went well.

My worst Exam was “Genetics”. i was over confident so everything didn’t go as planned.

Several courses surprised me. “Reproductive and Developmental Biology” turned to be much easier than i thought. It was one of the Courses i feared most but in the end it turned out great.

Other Courses like “Ecology”, “Tissue Structure and Function”, “Plant Function” and “Vertebrates” were fair and didn’t go so bad.

Looking forward to the results next Semester

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