29 05 2009

If you asked anyone who’s been through College what their toughest year was, probably 80% will say its the 1st Year (Fresh Man Year).

I haven’t been through all the years but I am certain I can never go through any tougher year than the freshman year.

When a freshman, your new to the whole College Experience so it turns out to be tough but once your through it, the other years seem lighter.

In my 1st year, I have encountered probably the hardest course units I will ever encounter anywhere in my course. For example I don’t think there can be a harder course than Higher Invertebrates or Developmental Biology! To me these have been the toughest Courses of year 1 and I don’t hope to ever do a Course in Developmental Biology ever again anywhere!

Some of the hardest Courses in Year 1 have been Higher Invertebrates, Microbiology (the fungi section) for Semester 1.

In Semester 2 Developmental Biology, Vertebrates (Origin, Classification, Evolution) have been by far the hardest course units.

Tissue Structure and Function, Ecology although not compared to the previous ones but have also been pretty tough.

My best Courses overall have been Metabolism and Metabolic Regulation, Biomolecules, Physical Biochemistry and Genetics. Other Courses especially those in Botany were fair.

Writing Reports has been one of the major highlights of Year 1 and probably its going to continue to be in the next academic year.

I never imagined we would do that many Practicals (like 3 a week). And for every practical you do, you must write a Report for it. And ofcourse you must do research for every report.

It was tough but interesting and I managed to go through it successful. Next Academic Year, there will be less practicals than those we did in the 1st year which is good because we shall have more time to do other things and less reports to write.

Ironically, Exams have not gone so bad because I thought College Exams were tough. But some of them were actually simpler than most High school exams.

I think what made College Exams simpler is the grading system where Progressive Assessment (Tests, Practicals and Assignments) contribute 40% and Final Exams contribute 60% for every Course . That’s pretty fair unlike High School where one Exam can decide your whole entire future.

The College System is also better because there is less luck involved so more hard work is needed to pass a Course.

Anyway, 1st year has been really tricky and interesting year. Its been a good experience going through it and I have learn’t a lot all this time.

In August, I will officially be a Sophomore and I am looking forward to it.

During the Second Yr, am dropping Botany and I will major in Biochemistry then Minor in Zoology.

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