BIOLOGY – The Ups and Downs

26 06 2009

At a certain stage in my Education, I never expected to do Biology at this level. I always wanted to be an Engineer but I was never good at Math so all my hopes were dashed when I didn’t choose it later in High School.

Earlier in High School, I wanted to be a Doctor so Biology would definitely be my specialty. But when I got more into Computers and discovering the Internet, I began getting interested in Engineering so I began paying more attention to Maths and Physics.

Naturally, I was always good at Biology. I didn’t give it so much attention but I always got good grades in it. However Physics and Math were always disappointing and the grades weren’t really good.

In grade 11 I eventually decided to major in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With this combination, I wouldn’t do Engineering because I lacked Maths.

Physics was always a challenging subject but I liked it nevertheless. Chemistry was one of my best subjects and I liked it a lot. I associated myself so much with Physics and Chemistry because I always looked at myself as a Physicist or a Chemist and less as a Biologist.

I loved Physics and Chemistry more because they were more practical than Biology. There are some topics that I loved so much in Biology and I guess they kind of made me like Biology more. However some were a complete turn off.

At some point Biology seemed really good but at another point it seemed really hard and I found it hard to get good grades in it later in High School. When I sat my final Biology Exam at High School, I lost all hopes of ever doing Biology ever again anywhere. I thought I would continue with either Physics or Chemistry at College.

This was never the case as I discovered later. I excelled in Biology so it was evident it would be my major at College. The results of Chemistry weren’t as good as I expected so I decided not to take it. For Physics, I couldn’t do it too because I needed Math. So I couldn’t qualify to do it.

So BIOLOGY was my best choice and I believe its going to be very essential in my Future carrier as a Scientist.

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2 responses

5 02 2010

I’m so glad I picked Biology for my degree. It’s fascinating, challenging and I think to do well in it you have to have a passion that makes you want to read more and more into it. Covering just the lecture room material will only get you so far.

Like you, I excelled at Biology in school and that was the big reason for choosing it. It was a bit of a throw up between Biology & Psychology but I ended up going with Bio because at the time it seemed like everyone was going into Psych, and Biology was seen as the ‘harder’ and more solid pure science which I thought would help me more when it came to hunting for employment.

Enjoyable read.

Nikki x

7 02 2010

your very correct. to pass Biology, you need to have the passion for the subject and also needs that you read very extensively.

Psychology is a good subject and combining it with biology makes it even better. thanks for the visit..

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