24 07 2009

Botany has been one of those subjects I’ve had a grudge with ever since i started doing Biology.

I don’t know why but i think Plant Biology is not my thing. I prefer studying Animals.

I’ve endured doing it for the past one year and now i can’t wait to drop it.

I should have done Chemistry but my past experiences with the subject show that i am not so good at it although i like it.

However Botany wasn’t a bad choice because i have managed to get some good grades in certain Course Units although some have been a pain. But one thing is clear, i definitely won’t miss Botany at all.

I am now going to concentrate more on Biochemistry and Zoology.

Zoology actually is another pain and i think i am going to experience various challenges there too.

Biochemistry has always been my favorite so i am majoring in it. I will minor in Zoology.

Next Semester is of course going to be a challenge as always and hoping for the best as always.

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4 12 2009

Dear Author mabsj2.wordpress.com !
I well understand it. I can help with the question decision. Together we can come to a right answer.

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