13 10 2009

Its mid Semester and this Semester has not been any different from others. The only difference is that we have had fewer Lectures compared to other semesters. However everything else remains the same. Reports, Tests and some tough courses.

This semester is quite special because, unlike the previous semesters where i had 7 courses, this time i have only 5. i think that’s good and i am surely going to use it to my benefit. Less Courses means less work/Lectures so more time to concentrate on crucial courses like Cell Biology and Vertebrates 2.

One thing that i have always hated in Biology is Taxonomy. Honestly, i thought i was done with it the moment i dropped Botany. But unfortunately i met it again in Basic Entomology and annoyingly, its here to stay.

The Taxonomy in Basic Entomology is worse because it has lots of orders (about 29). Insects are the largest group of animals, so you can imagine the work we have to do there. However, i will survive everything and at the end of this Semester, i will Kiss Entomology goodbye. I don’t think i ever want to do a course in Entomology again. The same goes for Developmental Biology and Ecology. they ain’t for me!

To prove that Entomology is a pain, 2 weeks ago our Entomology Lecturer told us to write a report about all the 29 orders of Insects and draw representative species from each order.

At first hearing, it sounds simple. But when you get down to the real Job, it’s a nightmare. You have to research about all the 29 individual orders and at the same time draw diagrams for them. For a guy like me who is poor at Drawing, that’s a real nightmare. We handed the report in Yesterday (Monday).

Surprisingly, the First Draft Exam Timetable is out which means Exams are around the Corner. They will start in December.

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