3 11 2009

Recently I was browsing my faculty’s website to check if anything new was posted. When I checked the Biochemistry section, I was surprised to read that Biochemistry majors (like me) need to do courses in Inorganic, Physical and Organic Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry because they are essential to understanding some concepts in Biochemistry.

It continues to say that, you also need to do a Genetics Course from Department of Botany. Lucky for me I already did the Introductory Genetics Course and I am going to do the advanced one in 3rd year, 2nd semester (in 2011).

That statement means that the best subject combination for Biochemistry majors is “Biochemistry, Botany and Chemistry”. As for me, my combination is “Biochemistry, Botany and Zoology”. I don’t have Chemistry. So I won’t do courses in Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry.

However, i think Zoology is a good subject with good courses too. Although not so attached to Biochemistry, I still believe they are essential. Zoology has cool courses like Evolutionary Biology, Microbiology, Animal Behavior, Developmental Biology and others. So how can Zoology be a bad choice with such courses. I believe you can’t be called a Biologist without Evolution.

Chemistry comprises of mostly Physical Science courses as opposed to Zoology which has purely Life Science Courses. And the last time I checked, my specialty if LIFE SCIENCES not Physical Sciences.

I am not saying that Physical Sciences are not relevant to me, it’s just that I’ve learnt science for over 10 years and I believe the Physical Sciences I did in previous levels are enough to give the required background for Biochemistry.

So mixing Physical Sciences and Life Sciences would not be a good idea since I am supposed to be specializing at this level.

Plus, Chemistry has never been my best subject in terms of grades although I like it. So doing Chemistry would mean risking getting a low GPA.

One thing I have learnt in my short time at College is that, you can’t earn everything at once. You just have to be patient and everything will sort its self out. Everything happens for a reason!!

If I really need Chemistry or Mathematics or any other subject I haven’t done, I can always do a short course like a Diploma or Certificate in those subjects. For now, I have to concentrate on what I have, other subjects will come later.

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2 responses

25 11 2009
essay help

college days are really worth remembering..

12 12 2009

yeah, college can be fun sometimes

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