EXAMS – Semester 1, Yr 2

24 11 2009

This is the Final Timetable of EXAMS of Semester 1, Year 2

  • Wednesday 2nd December 2009 – CELL BIOLOGY
  • Friday 4th December 2009 – ENDOCRINOLOGY
  • Monday 7th December 2009 – BASIC ENTOMOLOGY
  • Friday 11th December 2009 – VERTEBRATES: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION

As you can see, we shall do them in two weeks, which is record time since we are doing less courses this semester compared to others.

The only problem I have with this Timetable is that the courses”Basic Entomology” and “Principles & Applications of Biochemical Methods” are on consecutive days so I won’t get enough time to prepare for the latter.

Thankfully the tests I am having in these last weeks will help me remember most of things i read. so i won’t have to read all over again. i will just do revision. it’s surely not going to be easy but I will try my best and prepare adequately.

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18 12 2010
Giovanni Kipp

Good content! Will require a decent amount of time to examine your article..

13 02 2011
Lauren Stein

Hi Amazing blog

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