ESSENTIAL TEXTBOOKS – Biochemistry & Zoology

2 12 2009

The following Textbooks are good study resources for Biochemistry and Zoology students. I have personally used them during the past 3 semester I have spent at College and they have helped me understand several aspects in the above subjects.

There are definitely lots of Textbooks out there but I am only reviewing the ones I have used. For information about the relevant textbooks for different courses that you do, consult your tutor or relevant authorities.

If you need to purchase these books, i have added links to where you can purchase the editions i have indicated in brackets.

These are the Textbooks:

1. BIOCHEMICAL CALCULATIONS (2nd Edition) – Irwin H. Segel

This book covers the various of physical biochemistry such as pH and Buffers, Bioenergetics, Photometry and Enzyme Kinetics. It’s a purely calculation book so should be consulted for calculation purposes.

2. PRINCIPLES OF BIOCHEMISTRY (2nd Edition) – Albert L. Lehninger et al

It covers all aspects of General Biochemistry such as Structure and Function of Bio molecules (Protein, Carbohydrate, Lipids, and Nucleic Acids), Introductory Cell Biology and Hormone Action, Metabolism and Metabolic Regulation.

3. BIOCHEMISTRY (5th Edition) – Lubert Stryer et al

Is also a General Biochemistry textbook and covers Structure and Function of Bio molecules (Protein, Carbohydrate, Lipids, Nucleic Acids), Introductory Cell Biology and Hormone Action, Metabolism and Metabolic Regulation and some aspects of Muscle Contraction.

4. HARPER’s ILLUSTRATED BIOCHEMISTRY (27th and 28th Online Edition) – Robert K. Murray et al

This is a Medical Biochemistry Textbook and has information about Structure and Function of Hormones, Hormone Biosynthesis, Mechanisms of Hormone Action, Tissue Structure and Function, Extra cellular Matrix Components, Muscle Contraction and some aspects of Metabolism.

5. MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL (4th Edition) – Bruce Alberts et al

This Textbook covers all aspects of Molecular Cell Biology and is very detailed. It covers all components of the Cell and its Organelles, Microscopy, Cellular Transport, the Cytoskeleton, Cell Cycle and the Cell Cycle control system, Cell Death (Apoptosis) and all the general aspects of Molecular Biology.

6. ENDOCRINOLOGY (5th Edition) – Mac E. Hadley

This is strictly Endocrinology Textbook. It covers Mechanisms of Hormone Action, Structure and function of Hormones, Endocrine Glands, Neuroendocrine Hormones, Steroids and all the other Hormones. It also covers Medical (endocrine pathophysiology) and Historical backgrounds of all hormones in the mammalian body. It also covers some aspects of Comparative Endocrinology.

7. INSECTS: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION (4th Edition) – R.F Chapman

This is a Zoology Textbook and covers all aspects of Entomology (study of Insects). It covers all insects body systems, respiration, reproduction, endocrine and nervous systems. It’s very detailed and has a lot of background information.

At the time of writing this post (December 2009), i was half way through my degree (3 semesters). i still have 3 more semester to go and i will publish the Textbooks that i use then at a later date.

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