12 12 2009

Everything always comes to an end and so is this Semester. It’s finished faster than I imagined but that’s the way its supposed to be.

This Semester has been unique in it’s own way because I had fewer than normal courses. Instead of the usual 7, I had only 5.

In all the remaining 3 semesters (next semester and 2 semesters in year 3) left in this programme, I am going to do a minimum of 6 courses. So this semester has had the lowest number of courses done in my whole entire programme.

Another thing which is characteristic of all Semesters is the hard courses. As  usual Zoology Courses led in this Category with Vertebrates 2 and Basic Entomology leading the pack. Biochemistry has had some hard courses too but not as hard as those in Zoology.

Also unique about this semester is the fact that I didn’t do any Botany Course. That’s why the number of Courses i have done has been low. But I will be doing at least one course from Botany in all the remaining 3 semesters.

Despite the fact that I had 3 courses in Biochemistry unlike the usual 2, I had fewer than usual number of practicals in Biochemistry this Semester. We only had about 5 practicals so we wrote 5 reports for them.

In Zoology, I wrote more reports than usual. I wrote about 11 reports, which is very high and yet I did the same number of course units (2) as the previous semesters.

Then came the exams which ended yesterday. I had fewer exams (5) so it meant that I would take a shorter time to do them. It only took me 2 weeks, unlike the usual 3 weeks.

Generally, exams went fine but of course there are always a few exceptions but I am sure the final results won’t be disappointing. I am expecting them next year (probably by end of January).

Now the Vacation is here and it’s going to be a long one (approx. 2 months). I am planning on doing lots of stuff and I am surely going to enjoy it.

Next Semester starts on 1st February 2010. I will be doing 7 courses and I will be publishing the list soon.

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