7 02 2010

At the start of last semester, i decided to drop Botany after doing it for one year.  So i only did Biochemistry and Zoology. However, i am going to do Botany again this semester.

I will be doing 2 courses there (Basic Bacteriology & Virology and Biostatistics)

Botany is the study of Plants. However there are some courses that are not under Plant Biology but are offered under the Botany Department only. For example Genetics, Microbiology and Biostatistics.

Since these courses are important for my future career and are only offered in Botany Department, i had to offer Botany again.

I will offer Botany for all the remaining semesters in my programme. Hoping it doesn’t disappoint!!

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8 02 2010

I actually really warmed to the Botany/Plant Science modules later on in my course – my favorite being Plant Cell and the Environment. Really enjoy learning about the CAM, flowering and gravity-response mechanisms in huge detail. Funny thing being, that a lot of my classmates would rather cut off an arm than do anything involving plants so the lecture group was really small and you get better student:teacher ratios.

Enjoy Botany!

8 02 2010

i did CAM in year 1 and it was my favorite topic then in Botany. we even wrote an essay and i did great. Taxonomy was my worst. i still dread it till this day. but i can’t avoid it because its a core topic in Biology.

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