25 02 2010

It’s that time of the year when everyone applies for Summer School. I am not going to be left out too this year. For the first time ever, i am applying for Biology Summer School.

I have sent my applications to Vienna (Austria), and Zurich (Switzerland).

It’s very difficult to get a place since their are so many applications that are sent in but i will apply anyway because i might be that lucky person.

For the Zurich Summer School they will take one person from my University (total number to be selected is 25). For now about 3 people including me have applied so chances are high but it’s not a guarantee. You just have to be lucky and of course have the grades.

My grades are not bad and i am good competition for other applicants. If i don’t get a place this year, i will try again next year.

see what i am upto




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12 03 2010
MISSED AUSTRIA « My College Days

[…] Last week i received an email from Austria saying i hadn’t made it for their summer school. It was disappointing of course but they said i could try again next year. According to the email, […]

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