3 03 2010

Today i decided to drop one of the courses i was doing this semester. The course i dropped is “Basic Bacteriology and Virology“. It hasn’t been a simple decision but after lots of thinking, I have decided to drop it.

There are quite a number of reasons why i decided to drop it. First, most of the topics we are doing have been covered in previous courses like Introductory Microbiology (year 1).

Second, i am doing a number of similar courses this semester (Microbial Biochemistry, Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology and Basic Parasitology). So doing Bacteriology & Virology wouldn’t make much sense.

Dropping it will also reduce on my course load this semester. Before dropping, i was doing 8 courses. Now i have 7. I will therefore more time to concentrate on the 7.

I have informed the Faculty Registrar about this change and all the paperwork will be done soon. Hoping i don’t regret my decision.

see what i am upto




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