16 03 2010

It’s been Election period here at my University and during the past 2 weeks, students have been campaigning for their candidates.

Unlike previous Elections, this one has been bloody and there has been loss of life.

Some students lost their lives when camps of different candidates clashed and fought each other. It’s sad to see such things happen but i guess that’s the world that we live in.

Ironically, now students are rioting inside the University and yet the killings took place outside.

Everything has been paralyzed now because of the riots and all Lectures have been canceled since all buildings on the Main Campus have been locked (to avoid loss of property). I don’t know when classes will resume but i am hoping it’s as soon as possible.

As you might suspect, i am not in anyway interested in Elections, so i don’t Vote or participate in campaigns. I am simply not Political.

Right now you can’t trust anyone that you meet because they can turn against you. You just have to watch out cautiously!!

After 2 days of riots, they finally ended on Thursday 18th March and now everything is normal.

see what i am upto




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24 08 2010

[…] move by the lecturers might actually prompt the students to strike too and judging from previous strikes, these can get violent and fatal sometimes. So the lecturers should think about the consequences of […]

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