27 04 2010

It’s about one month to the end of semester and i still have not confirmed where i will go for field attachment/industrial training.

I was given a place at a Government Analytical Laboratory but they want me to pay them some money before they can take. That wouldn’t be a problem but there are several places where you train and they pay you instead. But in all such places that i applied to, none has confirmed my posting.

I have tried calling some places but all they say I “We shall contact you!!”

However I have now decided that if i don’t get any confirmation from other places by 3rd MAY 2010, i am going to pay at the Government Lab and train from there.

Hopefully, i will have more field training next year in zoology when i am done with my programme. It will be more of internship and they pay you during the training. So i am looking forward to that.

see what i am upto



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20 05 2010
what does my name mean

hi wats your myspace page

29 05 2010

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