Project Coordinator

27 04 2010

A few weeks ago, i became the project coordinator of my University’s Biochemistry Students Association.

I must say that, this is new for me because i have never been in a leadership position at such a level but i can do it. If couldn’t, then i couldn’t have stood for the position.

During the nominations, i was the only one that stood for the position so i went through unopposed.

This week, we had the first executive meeting for the association. The association has 11 cabinet members (these include – president, vice president, general secretary, speaker, deputy speaker, treasurer, project coordinator: that’s me, publicity secretary and 3 year representatives).

During the meeting, we discussed various issues and also suggested what we wanted to do for the association before we left office. As project coordinator, i have to make sure any undertakings/projects by the association go smoothly.

I also have the task to create the association’s website. I hope to do this before the start of next semester (during the vacation) assuming i have time.

I also have to organize general assemblies, parties, make t-shirts and lots of other stuff to publicize the association.

Looks like it’s going to be a busy year ahead!!

see what i am upto



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