29 05 2010

Mysterious Girl

I love College because of certain types of girls that i call “MYSTERIOUS GIRLS”.

I define “MYSTERIOUS GIRLS” as those girls that you keep seeing frequently and yet you don’t know them by name. All you know about them is how they look like and the program that they do or where they stay. That is a Mysterious Girl for me.

So i always ask myself, “Why do i keep seeing them??” Is it just COINCIDENCE or FATE?? I guess only time can answer that.

One thing i have noted about most mysterious girls is that they always find me wearing the same clothes and i always meet them in the same places. Say for example if i am returning home from the library i always meet a certain mysterious girl at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. There is another that i always meet in the Library. I always wonder if this can only be attributed to chance.

The following girls have been the most mysterious during my time at college. Since i don’t know their names, i have given them my own names to help me identify them. The names are based on where they come from or where they stay or the programs that they do.

  • Kenyan Girl

Kenyan girl is my mysterious girl number 1 and i call her Kenyan girl because i think she is Kenyan by nationality. I don’t know the program that she does but i know that she stays in the same area like me and must be a finalist (doing her last year).

I first saw her in the Library Computer Lab during my 1st year and she was asking whether she would use the computer i was on after i was done. But i told her i was still using it for a long time so it was useless if she waited. She looked annoyed when she left but since that day i have been meeting her more often.

  • The Statistician

The second mysterious girl is a statistician. I call her Statistician because she does statistics and she is in the same year like me. The first time i saw her was during the second semester of my year 1. They have lectures in our department and i recognize her by her eyes (they are quite unique).

She stays in a hostel that’s next to my place and i always meet her when i am going to the Library or returning from there.

  • Africa Girl

My third mysterious girl is a girl i have been seeing since my first semester in college. She also does statistics and i call her Africa Girl because she resides in Africa Hall.

She is unique because unlike other girls, i meet her in different places like the Library, The Biochemistry Building and when she is returning to her hall.

  • The Lawyer

I call the fourth Mysterious girl Lawyer because i think she does Law since i always see her in the Law section of the Library.

I first saw her this Semester (Semester 2, Year 2) and i have now been seeing her throughout this semester.

  • The Ethnobotanist

This mysterious girl is i guess the first mysterious girl i saw when i joined college in 2008. At the time she was in the same department like me but we were doing different programmes. However now i am not in that department but i still see her.

She does the program Ethnobotany (plant medicine) and we joined college in the same year. I first saw her during Orientation and i now i see her frequently.

  • Biochemist

Biochemist is probably the one i am most familiar to since we are in the same department (Biochemistry) but she is a year higher than me. If she doesn’t have retakes, she is probably done by now and i might not see her again.

She is Kenyan by nationality.

Those are my Mysterious Girls for now. I still have one year to complete college so i am certain i will be seeing more mysterious girls.



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