6 06 2010

The say humans are the most Social Beings and i wonder if that is still the case in today’s ever increasing insecure environment. But i guess i am not the right person to question that since i am no expert in sociology or anything near that. I only have to wait for the Human Ecology and Animal Behavior classes that will be conducted in the next semesters before i can qualify to talk about sociology.

But the one site that has shown that humans are very social beings (at least around people they know) is FACEBOOK. This is evident in my College as almost everyone i know has an account on the site. The only absentees are those who are computer-phobic or internet-phobic.

I know some people who use the Internet just for only Facebook and some actually think that Facebook is the Internet. Most of them don’t use any other site other than Facebook.

Well sometimes i think it’s not their fault since Facebook is handy and gives them access to most of things they want to know or see. Status updates of their friends, pictures and to a limited extent, certain applications.

Back in High school, few of my friends hardly ever used the internet. Apart from owning a yahoo email account which they rarely used, there was nothing else that would take them online. But ever since Facebook was introduced to them, everything has now changed. Most of them (now at college) are always online and thanks to Facebook i am now able communicate them which wouldn’t be possible since we are in different universities now.

Facebook is a useful tool for communication and i can understand why most of them can’t do without it. But that’s quite scary because let’s say something bad happened to Facebook. Like assuming some Hackers brought it down or if they mistakenly deleted one of their profiles. What would they do??

Personally, i don’t think removing Facebook would affect me a lot in-terms of communication but if i wanted to network with old buddies, then removing it would be a big disaster for me because almost all my old buddies use Facebook and if it was removed that link between us would be gone and i would have to look for another medium of communication.

But since they now use the Internet (more often), i guess they use their emails more often too. So i guess that would our form of communication if Facebook was removed. But it would still not be as good as Facebook since Facebook is more instantaneous and has a killer interface that Email can’t provide.

It’s too early to tell what the fate of Facebook will be. I wonder if it will handle the pressure from Twitter or other networks that might come up in future or will it become like Myspace. Only time can answer that. We just have to wait and see.

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