6 06 2010

Colleges are huge places but there are always those places that we desire a lot or sometimes it might not be desire but kind of compulsory for us to be in certain places.

Apart from the Lecture room, there are places that i am always in and if someone wants to find me when on campus he/she just has to visit one of these places and they will surely find me.

Well for me, these are the places;

The Library

The Library

I can’t say for sure that The Library is my favorite place on campus but due to the fact it’s one of those few places that provide a good reading environment and it’s the only place where i can get textbooks, this makes it one of the places that you can always find me 70% of my time. If i am not in for Lectures or at Home, then i am at the Library most of the time.

The Library is a huge complex so it would be vague if i just mention The Library and not mention particular sections

Favorite Sections in the Library

  • IDA

IDA stands for International development Agency and it’s one of the sections in the Library. I love this section because it contains most of the textbooks that i use and unlike other sections, it’s very quiet and has a good reading environment.  The only down side about it is that it has lots of Mysterious Girls so it it’s not the right place if you have an exam the next day or in a few hours.

  • Law

The Law section is also good and just like IDA it has a good reading environment but also contains lots of Mysterious girls so it’s not good if you can be easily deterred. But if you are strong hearted nothing can surely stop you from reading from this section.

  • The Second Floor of the new Section

The  Library underwent expansion recently and there is a new section that they added. In that section i love using the 2nd floor a lot because it has reading carrels or compartments that give you this private reading environment free from any form of interference. So if i have an exam or just need a good reading environment, i head to the new section.

The Library has lots of other sections but those 3 are my favorite.

Zoology Department

Zoology Department

When i am waiting to go for the next lecture or done with Lectures but still have some time, i hangout at the Zoology department. Here i get to chat with buddies about several issues and once we are here, we all get to pour our our frustrations and whatever is on our minds.

The best thing about the Zoology department is that most of my buddies hangout here so if i want to talk i head there.

Quadrangle & Zoology department

Science Quadrangle

If the weather is good (no rain), i hangout in the Science Quadrangle. It’s just next to the Zoology department and lots of buddies get to hangout there too. So i get to talk there too.

Computer Labs

If the Internet is working and i need to do something like research for a report or if i need to Blog or check out Twitter and other stuff, i head for one of the computer labs.

There are lots of computer labs that i have access to but the ones i use most are those in the Library,  Physics Department, Zoology Department (which is rarely open) and one of the Labs in Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Agriculture.

There are lots of other places i hangout but the above 4 are the places you will find me 98% of the time.

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6 06 2010
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