12 06 2010

On Monday 7th JUNE 2010, i had my first day of Internship at the Analytical Laboratory. It was something i had looked forward to for a long time and since it was my first, i was curious on what goes on there.

I am training with about 11 other interns (so we are 12 in total), and 7 of these are from my University. 3 do Industrial Chemistry and 4 do Biochemistry (including me). The remaining 5 are from another University.

The lab we are training from does analytical work and is a major referral lab in the country. It analyses Food, Drugs, Industrial Waste, Water samples among others and also carries out Forensic work such as Toxicological tests, DNA tests, analysis of Ballistics and Questioned documents.

Therefore i am certain i am training from the right place because with all this work that they do, i am certain i am going to learn quite a lot.

Analytical Lab

The lab has about 6 divisions which are Food and Drugs, Water and Environment, Pesticide residual Lab, Toxicology, DNA Lab, Ballistics and Questioned documents division. All these are housed in the building on the right. It’s very old and dates back to the 1930’s but it’s being renovated.

This week, we attended for 4 days so i will break down what happened on each day;

  • DAY 1 (Monday, 7th June)

Started Internship (Field Attachment) and it wasn’t so bad except for the fact that we had to wait for close to 3 hours before the training coordinator briefed us about how the whole programme would be conducted.

After the long wait, the coordinator talked to us about Administration of the Analytical Lab, what they do and what they expect of us. He also talked about the Reports we are supposed to write at the end of the training.

He said that, they are going to post us (interns) to specific sections of the Lab and by Thursday, all of us would know the sections in which we would train.

In total there were about 9 interns in this session (more showed up after).

After placement to a particular section, each of us will be required to work under that section and if need arises, we can move to other sections provided we seek permission from the section head.

  • DAY 2 (Tuesday, 8th June)

On Tuesday 8th June, i had my second day of internship at the Analytical lab. Just like we hoped, we toured the different divisions of the Lab and we got to know the various people that work there.

We visited the following divisions; Food and Drugs, Toxicology, Water and Environment, Pesticide residual division, DNA division and the Questioned documents divisions. We were not able to visit the Ballistics division because the person in charge was not available.

During the tour, we got to know the different heads of each division and also got to know the work they do in each division.

We also got the opportunity to see the equipment that they use to do analytical work. We got to see Gas Chromatographs, Mass spectrometers, DNA Analyzers and a couple of other equipment.

Gas Chromatograph

DNA Analyzer

  • DAY 3 (Thursday, 10th June)

The training coordinator was supposed to allocate us to different divisions of the Lab but after waiting for 3 hours, he didn’t show up. So we resolved with fellow interns to leave since there was nothing constructive we were doing there.

  • DAY 4 (Thursday, 11th June)

After DAY 3’s disappointment, i thought we would be disappointed again on DAY 4 so i hadn’t planned to go initially. However after getting a call from a fellow intern telling me that they had been taken through certain experiments, i had to reconsider my decision so i had to go for the afternoon session. I missed the morning session though!!

We did experiments which involved testing for alcohol, nitrate and phosphate concentration in various samples. I missed alcohol and phosphate tests but i was able to see the nitrate test.

That was Week 1. Week 2 starts on Monday 14th June and i am hoping we don’t get disappointed because it’s frustrating to wait for hours without attending to you. Just have to wait and see.

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