3 07 2010

This week i trained in Questioned Documents but i didn’t train in Ballistics like I was supposed to because the person in charge wasn’t ready so she assigned us dates in future when we would train with her.

In the Questioned Documents (QD) section, we trained in types of questioned documents, how questioned documents are analyzed and we also got to see the various equipment used in QD examination.

I also started doing research for the various tests we have so far and i have created a special folder on Google docs where i store all the research i have done. Check it out at

Here is break down of what happened on each day of training.

  • DAY 14 (Monday, 28th June)

We had a 1hr session with the Analyst who deals with Questioned Documents. He took us through what Questioned documents means and how they go about their work.

He talked to us about Forensic examination, handwriting, types of Questioned documents and what questioned documents involves.

  • DAY 15 (Tuesday, 29th June)

The person supposed to take us through the usage of equipments used to analyze questioned documents had a meeting all day so we didn’t have a session with him. He gave us textbooks about Document examination. So i read them all day.

I also got to observe the GCMS (Gas Chromatograph & Mass Spectrometer) being used.

Gas Chromatograph

They were analyzing plant and

soil sample extracts that we prepared last week on DAY 12.

  • DAY 16 (Wednesday, 30th June)

We had out last session in Questioned documents and we got to see the different equipment used to analyze documents.

The first and most important instrument are your eyes. Your sight must be good and you shouldnot be color blind. Other instruments include lenses, microscope, Video Spectral Comparator (VSC) and an Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA).

Video Spectral Comparator

The VSC is used to analyze and compare ink, paper, invisible marks and writings that can only be observed in UV light, number of strokes and closing points when writing characters and lots of other tasks.

The microscope analyzes pressure and direction of writing. The ESDA is used to detect fingerprint lifting and develop indented documents.

  • DAY 17 (Thursday, 1st JULY)

Since i finished having sessions in Questioned documents, Day 17 was supposed to be a free day for me. However staying dormant all day was not an option for me so i decided to join the group in the food lab.

Initially we were supposed to analyze a certain poison in a drink but we didn’t proceed because some items were lacking.

After that realization, we were given a lecture about poisons and their effects on the body. We got to know the types of poisons and how they are detected in the Lab.

  • DAY 18 (Friday, 2nd JULY)

We had the opportunity to examine banknotes that the authorities had submitted to the lab to ascertain whether they were fake or genuine. This involves comparing known genuine notes of the same denomination with the suspected notes.

You compare different features in the notes and if they don’t match, then the suspected notes are confirmed fake. The Video Spectral Comparator is used to carry out this examination and the notes are examined both in UV and Visible light.

Also, the person in charge of Ballistics gave us an assignment about what ballistics are how to keep safe around them. She also assigned us different dates when we would train with her. I was allocated Wednesday, 14th July 2010.

Next week i will be training in DNA & Serology Lab and i will continue doing research for all the tests we have done. We have done so much and i don’t know if i will be able to do all the research in time but  i will do my best.

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3 07 2010
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10 07 2010
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