10 07 2010

This week has been one of the most boring.


At the end of last week,  i was excited because i thought i would train in the DNA lab this week but to my disappointment, i haven’t had a single session all week with the DNA technicians. I tried talking to them but they said they were so busy and were carrying sensitive tests and so it was a no go area for non DNA staff.

So the whole week has been boring and i’ve been trying to look for what to do the whole week.

Here’s what happened on each day.

  • DAY 19 (Monday, 5th JULY)

I was supposed to train in the DNA Lab but everyone there was busy so no one was available to take us through the drills. However, i talked to the person in charge and he said he would take us through everything when he has time (wondering when that will be!!). He gave us notes about Gas Chromatography and use of DNA in Crime investigation. He also gave us a lecture about the use of GCMS (Gas Chromatograph & Mass Spectrometer) .

After the realization that we wouldn’t train in DNA, i decided to join the group in the Toxicology Lab. They were observing extraction of suspected poisons from body organs such as the Stomach, Liver, Blood and Kidneys. It sounds creepy but that’s what they do in Toxicology. They look for poisons so they have to look in places of the body where they can be stored.

  • DAY 20 (Tuesday, 6th JULY)

I spent the whole morning sitting at the Lab and did nothing. The DNA technicians are still busy and can’t attend to us for now.

  • DAY 21 (Wednesday, 7th JULY)

We did tests to determine moisture and protein content in Beef. For the protein test we used the Kjeldahl method. For Moisture used the Oven Method.

We did nothing in DNA.

  • DAY 22 (Thursday, 8th JULY)

I’ve given up with the DNA people and now i don’t care if they train us or not. Everyone seems to be so busy and it’s hard to approach any of them. So for now i think there will no DNA training this week. However if it’s conducted in future, i will try to attend.

We finished the Kjeldahl method on beef and wheat that we started on Day 21. We also did tests to obtain alcohol content of spirits using their specific gravity.

  • DAY 23 (Friday, 9th JULY)

We did tests to determine acidity, fat content and pH of wheat four.

We’ve done this before so it was as boring as hell.

Next week i will be in Pesticide Residue Lab.

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10 07 2010
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10 07 2010
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17 08 2010
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wats up man hows it going

19 08 2010
Joash Mabs

i am doing great. u.

12 09 2010
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