17 07 2010

It’s been another idle, boring week and i guess this signals that my Internship is coming to an end. In the next 2 weeks, i am certain it’s going to be as boring as the past 2 weeks and i don’t expect to do anything new.

This is because i am supposed to be in “Food and Drugs lab” next week and in the “Water Lab” the week after. I’ve been to all these before and i don’t hope to do anything new.

I was supposed to be training in the “Pesticide residue Lab” this week but i didn’t have any sessions there. We didn’t attend the first 2 days of the week (Monday and Tuesday) because the Lab was busy with some emergencies. So we only had 3 days of Internship starting on Wednesday.

After the 2 day break, it seemed like everyone was still busy and didn’t have any work for us. So we didn’t do anything at the lab the entire week.

Since i was not very occupied during the week, i decided to do research for some of the tests we have done and it’s been going great so far.  I am 50% done with most of the tests and i believe i will be done with everything in time.

Here’s what happened during each day of the week that we attended;

  • DAY 24 (Wednesday, 14th July)

I was supposed to train in Ballistics but i couldn’t make it to the Lab early enough. My colleagues didn’t make it either, so there was no training in Ballistics. The Ballistics trainer was furious with us and warned us against time wasting. She said she would schedule another date for us. Hope i won’t be late this time.

In the afternoon i went to the Pesticide Residue lab since i am supposed to be training there this week. I didn’t do anything new, just wrote about what pesticides are and how they are extracted and analyzed.

  • DAY 25 (Thursday, 15th July)

We did nothing productive. Just sat in the Library all morning then had tea and left after.

The Ballistics trainer sent out a memo informing us that we would have “Introductory Training in Forensic Ballistics” with her on Tuesday 20th July. We have to keep time.

I talked to the pesticide residue trainer and scheduled DAY 26 as the day we would train with him.

  • DAY 26 (Friday, 16th July)

The pesticide trainer didn’t go by his promise to train us. He claimed that i approached him late and yet i had gone there earlier but he wasn’t in.

That means i have had a whole week of no training and i since i was supposed to be in pesticide residue and didn’t do anything there, i won’t include it in my report. That’s good for me because i have less things to research about and less work to type.

Next week i will be in Foods and Drugs Lab.

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17 07 2010
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