24 07 2010

Another idle week just went by but this one wasn’t as idle as the last because we at least did something although it lasted only one day.

As we had planned last week, we had a session with the Ballistics trainer. It went great and i got to learn new things. Details about what we did follow shortly.

I was supposed to be training in the “Food and Drugs Lab” this week but i have done a lot of tests there already so i didn’t find it necessary to go back.

However, i haven’t been dormant during the week because there is a huge task that i face now and that task is researching about what we have done at the Lab (getting principles of the tests) and typing it. That is what i was doing during the week.

I will continue researching and typing in the coming weeks and the Internship report has to be ready by the end of the 2nd week of August. So i have between 2 – 3 weeks to complete the report.

Here is what happened on each day of the week;

  • DAY 27 (Monday, 19th July)

Supposed to be in Food and Drugs Lab but i have done many tests there already so i won’t go there unless my other colleagues decide to.

I am doing research for the report because it’s so much work and if i don’t start now, i will never finish in time.

  • DAY 28 (Tuesday, 20th July)

We finally had introductory training in Ballistics and Explosives today. We got to learn what Ballistics and Explosives are and how they work.


Basically, a ballistic is a projectile that is launched after ignition of explosive material such as gun powder. An example of a Ballistic is a bullet which is launched from a gun after ignition of gun powder by a spark in the cartridge case.

Every gun makes unique markings on the bullets that it fires because of differences in it’s manufacture and handling. So every bullet fired can be connected to the gun where it was fired from.

In order to identify the marking made on a bullet by a gun, a comparison microscope is used and the suspected bullet is compared with a control (which is fired from the suspected gun). If markings are similar then it’s confirmed that both bullets were shot from the same gun.

Explosive materials like bombs and grenades cause damage because they


contain primary projectiles such as ball bearings. Once the explosive material is ignited, the projectiles are launched and these cause launch of secondary projectiles such as surrounding objects. These increase extent of damage and injuries.

  • DAY 29 (Wednesday, 21st July)

Was a little lazy today so i wasn’t in any moods of doing any tests. So i spent the whole morning in the Pesticide Residue Lab hanging out there. I was there because the Library was being used for a meeting by the Lab staff.

  • DAY 30 (Thursday, 22nd July)

I read about Gas Chromatography and made some notes about it. It’s been a major topic during this internship and it’s going to be one of the major things i will talk about in my report.

I also started typing my Internship report and it’s going well.

That’s how my week ended. I didn’t show up of Friday because i was attending to other issues. But i contacted my colleagues and told me they did nothing.

Next week (WEEK 8 ) is my final week of Internship at the Lab. After next week, we shall be expected to write our reports for 2 weeks and then hand them in after for approval.

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24 07 2010
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24 07 2010
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25 07 2010
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29 07 2010

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10 09 2010

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15 09 2010
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