7 08 2010

5 days down, 5 days to go. I am now half way through the workshop and the ‘competition’ is getting heated up.

Week 1 has been full of introductory material. First we were divided into 3 groups with each group having about 8 people. I am in group A.

After making groups, we had to submit questions that each of us wanted to work on. However only one question was chosen per group and these would then be worked on by each group until a final proposal is developed.

The final proposal designed by each group would then be submitted to the Grant committee and the best proposal will get a grant to carry out their research. I am hoping my group wins it.

Additionally, we have lectures on each day and these lectures are done to help us design our proposals.  Here is what happened on each day of the workshop:

  • DAY 1 (Monday, 2nd August)

We had introduction and we were given the details of what we would learn and do in the next 2 weeks.

We were told to come up with research questions related to our backgrounds. These questions would then be presented to our our respective groups and each person in a group will be required to present their Research question. The members of each group will then decide on which question to go forward with. So basically the member who has the best research question, will have their question chosen to research about.

After choosing the question, each group will work on the question chosen during the next 2 weeks and at the end of the workshop, each group will present a research proposal for the question chosen. The best proposal will win a grant.

We had a lecture on “How to define a good research question“.

  • DAY 2 (Tuesday, 3rd August)

We were put in groups and each of us raised their research questions. Mine was about the possibility of reducing Malaria deaths of children under 5 years in Uganda by administering prophylaxis drugs to them.

Un-fortunately, it didn’t make it through the group stage because it wasn’t feasible considering the size of our budget and i didn’t have sufficient literature about the various prophylaxis drugs for malaria to back my question.

But my colleagues had interesting questions too and we managed to zero down on 2 questions. One is malaria related and the other is related to diabetes mellitus. After making some literature review, we would decide on which question to go forward with.

We had lectures on “Principles of Clinical research” and “Pitfalls in Research“.

  • DAY 3 (Wednesday, 4th August)

We chose the question we would research about and it’s about “The effectiveness of using a malaria drug called fansidah as prophylaxis for malaria in pregnant women”. We now have to prepare a proposal for this question and it has to be good because we are competing with 2 other groups and they all have great questions.

We also had a lecture about “Research Ethics“. We got to learn what to do and what not to do when doing research.  We were told about the ethical guidelines used to approve clinical trials or studies involving human subjects.

  • DAY 4 (Thursday, 5th August)

We got to learn “how to write an Abstract for a presentation / meeting” and the “difference between an Abstract for a meeting and that of a paper“. Later we were showed “how to make an oral presentation and a poster presentation“.

These topics are of particular interest to me because i am currently writing my Internship report and later this month i will have to make an oral presentation to the Department staff about what i did during the internship.

So the lecture on oral presentations was very beneficial to me. I also got to finally know what meeting organizers mean when they ask researchers to submit their abstracts. That was unclear before but now it is now clear after the lecture.

After the lectures, we had a group session and we had to refine our research question and also work on the proposal. We have to figure out how we shall go about doing the project in case it’s approved and how much we shall need to carry it out.

  • DAY 5 (Friday, 6th August)

We had a lecture on “How to write a report and a research paper“. The speakers also talked about “What editors look for before publishing a paper“.

In the afternoon, we had a heated group session and we were deciding on the specific research question we would use in our final proposal. We also had a discussion about what methodologies we would use to collect data.

Discussions will continue on Monday (DAY 6) and we have to come up with a final proposal by Friday next week (DAY 10).

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