14 08 2010

I was awarded a certificate of attendance after participating in a 10 day clinical research training workshop that ended on Friday 13th August 2010.

It was a pleasant experience participating in this workshop because i got to learn the technicalities involved in doing clinical research.  I also used some of the knowledge i got there to write my Internship report which i will be submitting soon.

Here’s what happened on each day of the week.

  • DAY 6 (Monday, 9th August)

We had a lecture on “How manuscripts and grant proposals are reviewed“. During the group session, we refined our Research question and got started on the case definition.

  • DAY 7 (Tuesday, 10th August)

Had a Lecture on “Effective utilization of time and resources“. These were done by both DR. Robert Bortolussi and DR. Noni MacDonald. During the group session we got refine our proposal and started on the budget.

  • DAY 8 (Wednesday, 11th August)

We had 2 lectures by DR. Noni Macdonald about “Knowledge Translation (KT)” and “How to move research into policy“. These are very critical issues as research that is not applied is not very relevant. So researchers have to ensure that their research has to be applied in form of policy change, community engagement or change of curriculum in schools & universities.

During the group session, we refined the budget, refined our case definition and reflected on how the research would be applied.

  • DAY 9 (Thursday, 12th August)

I didn’t attend because i was busy writing my internship report but my colleagues had a lecture on “Community Engagement” and my group members put final touches to the proposal.

  • DAY 10 (Friday, 13th August)

The Clinical Research Training Workshop finally came to an end. All groups (A, B, C) presented their proposals and group B won. I was in group A and we didn’t win but the good news is that we are still going to get a grant.

I have certainly obtained a lot of knowledge and skills from this workshop, especially from the Lectures given by DR. Robert Bortolussi and DR. Noni MacDonald. Great thanks go to them for all the great work.

We were handed certificates after announcing the winner and i am glad its going to add value to my C.V.

Now we have to present our proposal to the Ethics boards and lots of other committees before we get the grant. The Research we are going to do is going to be about “The prevalence of malaria leading to Hospital Admissions in pregnant mothers and it’s association to Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT) use

We will hopefully do it in less than a year and we will have the results then.

Looking forward to the future.

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4 responses

20 08 2010

Schedule packed with activities, sounds like not only have you enjoyed the workshop, you must have learned even more.

21 08 2010
Joash Mabs

yeah, i learn’t a lot new stuff. it was a good experience.

thanks for dropping by.

13 09 2010
weight loss calculator

trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

15 09 2010
Joash Mabs

it’s mabsj2

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