24 08 2010

This week was supposed to be the first week of my last year in College as an undergraduate but due to reasons i can’t comprehend properly, our Lecturers have gone on strike.

According to the news, the Lecturers claim that their pension funds have been swindled by some insurance company so because of that they decided to lay down their tools and strike.

Most people look up to lecturers as their role models but this incident is certainly going to dampen that role. I know it’s their right to strike, but why now? Can’t they do it in another way? I am certain there are many avenues to resolve this but they have ignored all of them and went for a strike instead.

I don’t think going on strike is the right way to solve this issue because i don’t see the logic in punishing students who have nothing to do with this mess. They should go sue the insurance company or whoever is concerned.

This move by the lecturers might actually prompt the students to strike too and judging from previous strikes, these can get violent and fatal sometimes. So the lecturers should think about the consequences of their actions before going on.

This strike might also adversely affect my progress and make us go for extensions when the strike goes on for long. But i am hoping it doesn’t go that far.

For now the Lecturers are meeting government officials and hopefully it will be resolved by the end of the week.

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11 09 2010
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17 09 2010

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21 11 2010

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29 11 2010
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