1 10 2010

Like i always do, i have changed the elective courses that i take this semester.

Previously i had planned to do Human Ecology and Plant Biochemistry as my electives. But after some thinking and several considerations i have decided to do Human Ecology as an elective course (so i won’t do the exam) and take Comparative Biochemistry in it’s place.

I believe Human Ecology does not suite my future carrier needs while Comparative Biochemistry complements all the courses i have done in Biochemistry and is therefore a good choice.

So i am now doing Plant Biochemistry and Comparative Biochemistry as my electives.

Check out more info about the courses i do at the Courses Page.

In another interesting twist, i am also going to do a Research Project in Zoology and this therefore makes me a major in the subject. So theoretically, i am now a double major (Biochemistry and Zoology).

I have done all the core courses in Zoology so there are no problems as regards fulfilling the requirements for Zoology major.  The only problem i might face is getting the required number of credits to graduate as a major but i can take up more courses next semester to overcome that.

My Research project is about the “The Effect of Low Temperature on the Viability of Mosquito Eggs“. I am currently writing the second draft and i have about a week to submit it. I will update you on how it goes in future posts.

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