6 10 2010

me (3rd from left) and my friends at the beach

Keeping true to my promise of having lots of fun in my last year of college, the past weekend became one of the victims of my promise.

I attended a Beach bash organized by the faculty students association and the fun i had can’t be narrated in words.

I got to interact with fellow faculty mates, swim, drink, dance among others. I basically almost did it all. I never thought going to the beach would be that fun and now I am yarning to go back again.

The best part of the whole day was the swimming. I had taken a long time without taking a swim but when I got the chance, I jumped straight into the water as soon as I got there. I also played volley ball and water polo.

I spent the whole day swimming and during the night I had to shake my bones a little (at the beach club) although my muscles were still aching because of the excessive swimming during the day. It was all fun though.

I got to interact with some people and it went great. I shared my experiences and related with them.

I want to thank all those that had fun with me (Sara, Herbert, Gava, Emmy and VP) and made the day a success. You guys ROCK!

Other events that I had this semester were, The Biochemistry Students Association General Assembly which was held on 23rd August 2010.

Since I am the project coordinator of the association and creator of the Association website, I had to make a

Biochemistry students and staff

presentation about the Website and how everyone can assess it. The presentation went great.

On Wednesday, 29th September 2010, I had a trip to an Agricultural Research station. I got to see the work that they do there and saw lots of Genetically Modified crops.

I am looking forward to having more fun in my last year of College.




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