27 10 2010


In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree from my university & many others, you need to do independent research and then write a report / dissertation at the end of your research. This is called a research project and is a major requirement for graduation.

Before you start on a project, you have to identify a research topic. This is basically an unanswered question that one identifies and then researches about it and writes a dissertation containing his/her findings after.

Identifying a research topic is probably the hardest part of a research project, because most questions seem to be already answered but there are also lots of unanswered questions too.

However, most of these unanswered questions are out of our scope or can’t be done in the time required (2 months) so that limits the research topics one can venture think about.

If you’re lucky, a lecturer can give you a topic but this comes with the problem of giving you something you’re not interested in. So the best question is one that is formulated by you.

Normally, everyone is supposed to do one project but i am personally doing two. One project is in Zoology and another in Biochemistry.

I decided to do 2 because one was given to me by a lecturer (Zoology topic) and since i am a Biochemistry major i am supposed to do a project there too. So I had to formulate another question for Biochemistry.

I couldn’t turn down the Zoology topic because everything was basically provided so personal expenses were not very high.

Also there might be good opportunities for me in Zoology in future and since job opportunities are rare, i couldn’t let the opportunity go by.

I also hope to get knowledge in proposal writing which I would later use for my Biochemistry project proposal. However, I will not register the Zoology project so i am officially doing one project but practically doing two.

Mosquito Eggs Credit:

My Zoology research project is going to find out “The Effect of low temperature on the viability of mosquito eggs” while the Biochemistry project is going to find out “The potential of making wine from sugar cane juice”.

I am already started with the Zoology project since my very strict supervisor wants it done before the end of the semester. By the time of writing this post, I’ve written 3 draft proposals for this project and I am hoping the 3rd draft is going to be my last because I’ve done enough already.

For the Biochemistry project, I am yet to start writing the 1st draft (by the time of writing this post) but I will soon start and I am currently doing a literature search about the topic. By November, I will hopefully have started.

Details about these projects will follow in later posts



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25 02 2011

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