12 11 2010

Field Trips are always fun, that’s why i like them. So i make it a point never to miss any of them once they are organized. Unlike other programs where students pay for trips, we don’t pay in mine. So it would be stupid for me to miss one.

Last weekend (5th – 7th Nov 2010) we had an Apiculture field trip to a region that is famous for the practice. This has been my longest field trip so far (lasting 3 days) and during the trip i learn’t a lot even though i don’t do the Apiculture course. We also had lots of food and we partied too.

Here are some pictures from the trip (we didn’t have a good camera so the quality of pictures is not so good)

Me in a Bee Suit

Me (extreme right) and my colleagues

Next week on Friday (19th Nov 2010), i will be having another field trip this time to 2 Biotechnology labs. This trip will be probably the most important trip since  i have an interest in Biotechnology and i plan to peruse further education in it incase i get the opportunity. This field trip will also be my last this semester.

Other field trips i have had this semester include a weed biology and a Sericulture trips. In total i have had (including that of next week)  4 trips this semester.

There will be more trips next semester and since it’s going to be my last semester in college, i am looking forward to them a lot.

Update (19th Nov 2010)

We had the trip to the Biotechnology & Tissue Culture Labs on Friday, 9th November 2010 and here are some pictures we took while there;

Me at the Tissue Culture Lab

Tissue Cultures

Tissue Cultures

Tissue Cultures

Tissue Cultures



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17 01 2011
#NOSTRESS « My College Days

[…] In the previous semesters, I’ve attended quite a number of trips with last semester taking the record so far of having the most number of trips (4) in one semester. […]

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