18 12 2010

Mysterious Girl (credit:

In a previous post, I listed certain girls that were mysterious and by Mysterious Girls I mean Girls that I meet “very” frequently either on my way home or in the library or when going for classes and yet I don’t know them personally or even their names (although I get to snoop around and find out names of some).

For one to qualify to be a mysterious girl, they have to fulfill some or all of the following requirements;

  1. Have to meet them frequently (like 3 times a week )
  2. Should not  be a Classmate
  3. Should be Female (of course)
  4. Have to see them for more than one semester (except for those I meet very very frequently)

The girls that have fulfilled some or all of the above requirements are;

I respect their privacy so i won’t mention any names. I only identify them by certain features such as where I meet them, where they stay or how they look like.

  • IDA Girl / Pretty Smile

She’s been one of the highlights of this semester. She’s probably the mysterious girl I’ve met most this semester. IDA is a section of the Library where she studies from and coincidentally i study from there too.

What’s so unique about her is that we always seat a few tables away from each other or sometimes we sit on the same table. I don’t know how it happens (because sometimes I don’t see her when I am taking a seat. I only realize she is there when I am seated.

You might say it’s pure coincidence but I think it’s more than coincidence. We also make lots of eye contact and sometimes we can’t avoid it. We have met a couple of times on my way to or from the Library.

I know her name (got it by chance) and she’s doing the Food Science and Technology program (so we are both Biologists).  I am her friend on Facebook . She’s pretty and yeah, she has a pretty smile.

She is also one hell of a focused girl. She can spend the whole day at the Library reading (just like me).

  • Former High school Friend

You might ask, ‘what is a former friend doing on my list of mysterious Girls’. Well the answer is simple. She’s a “former” friend which means we are no longer friends. We fell out in High School so we seized to be friends.

I thought I would  never see her again but now she’s back. She is at Law School (same university, different programmes) and she reads a lot from the Library Law section. The Law section is next to the IDA section (favorite section in the Library) so we more so read from the same area (same floor). So I get to see her a lot.

She also stays in a Hall that’s along the route I take when I am heading home so we get to meet a long there too.

  • Computer Lab Girl

She is another girl I’ve met like hundreds of times. First I  used to meet her in the Computer Lab at the Library. Now I meet her everywhere. I meet her on the way home, in several sections of the library and in the computer labs.

I don’t know the program she is doing nor her name. She is very Mysterious indeed!

  • Law Girl 1 /Very Focused

This is another girl from Law school and very focused. She reads a lot of books and I guess that is how I noticed her.

She study’s from the law section so we meet a lot.

I don’t know her name but I at least know her program.

  • Fisheries Girl

There is lots of history between me and this Mysterious girl. First I know her name and she does the Fisheries and Aquaculture program (both Biologists).

We both attended the Beach Bash and we got to do lots of playing in the water (separately though). We also make lots of eye contact. We belong to the same department (Zoology) so we meet frequently.

  • Conservation Biology Girl

I must confess that she shouldn’t have made it to this list since we’ve been classmates before. But because I knew her before we became classmates (I think she’s the first girl I noticed at the Faculty), so she deserves to be a Mysterious girl.

I know her name and she does the Conservation Biology program (both Biologists). I am her friend on Facebook and I think she knows my name.

We actually know each other personally since we’ve been classmates twice.

  • Tall JICA girl

She’s one girl I never knew was Mysterious till recently. I meet her very frequently and she’s very tall.

JICA is a name of the building that houses the Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science Admistration offices and lecture rooms.

I don’t know her name and or program. But I suspect she’s doing Statistics or a similar program

  • Vet Girl / Meet her on the way

Vet girl is one of a kind because first I meet her on precisely the same road very frequently at different times of the day.

I think she belongs to the Veterinary faculty although I don’t know the program that she does.

She’s very tall and I think I know her name (got it by chance). Since she’s in Vet faculty & vet is for Biologists, we both are Biologists just like most of the other girls.

  • Pretty Girl / Meet her around Physics

My last Mysterious girl for this part of the series is a girl who should probably not be on this list but I can’t avoid adding her because of how frequently we meet.

I don’t know her name or her program. I just meet her “very” frequently in several locations especially around the Physics department.

She’s very pretty and i am hoping to meet her again next semester so i get to know more about her.

Those are some of the Mysterious Girls that stood out a lot. As you might notice, most of them are Biologists and others are studying to become Attorneys. And others are very Mysterious!

However, there are lots more soon to be Mysterious Girls but these have not yet fulfilled all the requirements but once they do I will be sure to add them to Mysterious Girls 3.

Check out Mysterious Girl 1




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