17 01 2011


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It’s a new year and a new semester coming up soon and probably a new Joash.

College has been characterized by lots of things. Good and bad but most notable of these is the STRESS i have been subjected to during various times such as exam time, reading for tests and writing reports, looking for an internship place among others.

The last 5 semesters of college have been characterized by lots of stress  and now that I am finishing I want this coming semester to be unique and different with less stress.

I know stress is one of those things you can’t control easily but I am certain that if I take certain precautions and participate in some activities, my last semester is bound to be my best semester in college.

The precautions I am going to take and things I am going to do are all bundled up in a campaign I am carrying out called #NOSTRESS. This campaign will run all through next semester and I am hoping it does away with the stress related things and activities.

These are some of the precautions i am going to take and things I am going to do in this campaign;

  1. Do less courses / fewer exams
  2. This coming semester, I will be doing 8 courses but the magic about these courses is that only five of them are examinable. These courses are Industrial Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry and Disease Processes, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Genetics, Animal Behavior.

    The other 2 are non examinable and only require writing reports and proposals (Research Project, Field Course), while the 8th is an extra course (Remote Sensing and GIS) so they don’t get to assess me in it.

    Doing less examinable courses is a good way to reduce stress. This is because exams are ALWAYS stressing. So the fewer exams you do, the less stress you get. So 5 examinable courses is surely are good way to reduce stress.

  3. Attend more  Study trips
  4. In the previous semesters, I’ve attended quite a number of trips with last semester taking the record so far of having the most number of trips (4) in one semester.

    From the experience I’ve had from these trips, there is a clear indication that they reduce on pressure i am under when I go for them.

    So this coming semester I am going to go for as many as possible. So far I am counting at least 4 and there might be more.

    These coming trips are also longer than the ones i’ve had before so i am hoping to have more fun while there.

  5. More Parties
  6. They say college is a party hub so i am going to go by that statement this coming semester because partying is what I am going to do.

    Lots of money is needed for this to take place so I will try to secure as much as I can. The Biochemistry association has a dinner coming up this semester and I will surely be the first to pay for that.

  7. Attend more events
  8. Attending more events like workshops, Public lectures, Dinners and Parties is one of my plans to secure a stress free semester.

    I have actually started on this already as I am set to attend a Landscape Genomics workshop from 24th to 26th January 2011.

  9. Start Job searching NOW
  10. I am finishing college in June so i am going to be faced with a humongous battle of searching for a Job.

    I know this is a big big cause of stress but i am certain i am going to conquer it.

    I’ve already started outlining what i hope to do after next semester. Since i will finish exams in June but graduate in January 2012, i will have about 6 months of no work.

    I am not planning on doing nothing though, i am hoping to do some work such as volunteering so that I get that much needed experience in the work place. I am already collecting addresses of organizations where I want to work and I will be writing to them some time soon.

Those five plans are my master plan to a stress free (or less stressed) semester and I am hoping to add more to the list because i hate stress and will do whatever i can to avoid it.





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17 01 2011
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