25 02 2011


It’s exactly 28 days since the start of the semester and a lot has happened since Day 1.

We’ve had lots of classes, functions and i have made lots of progress in my research projects.

When i added my last post on project progress, i had accomplished very little at the time but now i am so far and i am destined to finish by the end of April 2011.

So far, i have finished collecting data for my Zoology project and by next month, i will have started analysing the data using several statistical methods.

For my Biochemistry project, i am done with writing the proposal and i will be presenting it in 2 weeks time. If all goes well, i will start the data collection for this project in March.

Meanwhile, i decided to take some extra courses that will hopfully enable me do my projects better.

These courses are;

  1. Research & Statistics
  2. Remote Sensing & GIS

Both of these are being offered in another faculty so they won’t contribute any credits. However i already have enough credits and all i need now is the knowledge to help me interprete research and field data.

Research Methods and Statistics will help me in my understanding and analysing data for the research projects while Remote Sensing and GIS will help me interprete data for my Field course which i will be doing in the vacation.

Hope everything turns out okay.

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