18 03 2011


On Saturday, 19th March 2011, Biochemistry students from my University will be traveling to a school in another town to do Biochemistry outreach.

When there, we will be talking to High School students about Biochemistry (What it is and how they can get to do it at College).

We are going to try to make them aware about Biochemistry and thus generate their interest in the subject. Currently, very few High School students know what Biochemistry is and what it’s all about.

I personally didn’t know Biochemistry till i applied to join college. So we want to make these kids aware well in time so that they don’t go for it blindly like most of us did and also increase their chances of doing something that they love.

Hoping all goes well. Will be updating about how it goes on Twitter.


The Outreach was a success and here are some of the pictures we took while there.

Biochemistry students that made up the Outreach Team

Students listening to Outreach team

Me (right) and a Friend at the Outreach




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