31 03 2011


A Coral Reef ~ Credit:

Field trips are back and this time they are bigger and better.

Bigger because I have a couple of them (4 in total) and better because they are going to last much longer than the one’s I’ve had before.

On Friday 1st April 2011, Year 3 students of BSc Zoology and BSc Fisheries & Aquaculture will be heading to Mombasa in Kenya where we shall have a field study in Marine Biology at the Indian Ocean.

Mombasa, Kenya ~ Credit:

While there, we shall learn about different marine ecosystems including coral reefs, rocky seashores, sandy seashores, mangrove swamps among others.

We will also be able be witness tides and several sea phenomena.

This is going to be a very interesting field trip and every Zoology student has been looking forward to it since year 1.

The field trip is scheduled to last 6 days so we will be there till 6th April 2011.

After this trip, I will have 3 more field trips to other places as I will announce in later posts.

For now, I am looking forward to seeing the INDIAN OCEAN in person for the first time ever.

Will be updating about it on Twitter.




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19 04 2011

[…] are some of the pictures we took during the marine biology field trip to the Coast in Mombasa, Kenya from 1st to 6th April 2011 (The camera date wasn’t set so […]

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