24 04 2011

On Monday 25th April 2011, we will be going to a Wildlife Reserve to carry out a Field Course.

Field Course is a short field study aimed at training us in how to carry field research.

During the course, we will choose a topic area where we want to do the field study under supervision by a professor.

Once the topic is chosen, we will head out to the field / jungle to kick start the research.

Personally, i am looking to doing a study on large mammals although i am not yet to decide on which exact species or area i want to study. But i am thinking Primates might do just fine.

The Course lasts 3 days and we are setting off on Monday, 25th April 2011 and we will return on Thursday 28th April 2011 after making a presentation about the results of the study.

After that, we will write a report about our findings.

Will see how it goes.



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5 10 2011
Volunteer Work at a Wildlife Reserve « My College Days

[…] from those i have had before. I have only been to a wildlife reserve once (in April during field course) and it wasn’t that bad. However, this particular reserve where i am going to work is very […]

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