6 06 2011

It’s that time of the year again when Workshops and Internship are the order of the Day.

This time, i am attending a Bioinformatics and Genomics workshop sponsored by Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Lewis Clark College.

The workshop is going to last 9 days and will take place betweeen June 6th to June 9th and June 13th to June 17th 2011.

During the event, we will learn how to use various Genomics software and databases such as BLAST, Galaxy, GenBank, ClustalW, MEGA among others.

Here is the schedule of the workshop.

Week 1 (June 6th to June 9th 2011)

  • 6th June – Bioinformatics and Genomics Introduction and DNA/RNA/Protein Overview: Using NCBI and Navigating Genbank Record
  • 7th June – Sequencing, Sequence Searching, and Pairwise Alignments: Using BLAST
  • 8th June – Protein Alignment and Structure: Using ClustalW and Cn3D
  • 9th June – Sequence Analysis and Phylogenetic Trees: Using MEGA5

Week 2 (June 13th to June 17th 2011)

  • 13th June – WGS and High Throughput Sequencing: Using Genome Browsers
  • 14th June – Gene prediction: Using GENSCAN and ORF Finder
  • 15th June – Non-coding and Repetitive DNA and RNA:  Using mirEval
  • 16th June – Genome-wide studies: Using Galaxy
  • 17th June – Workshop post-assessment and reception

Looking forward learning new things.




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9 07 2011
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