Genomics and Bioinformatics Workshop Materials

9 07 2011

It’s been a couple of weeks since the end of the Bioinformatics workshop. As usual, i learnt a lot in this workshop.

The workshop lasted 9 days. Each day was made up of 3 sessions. The first session was a short lecture about Genomics followed by a tea break then a Tutorial in session 2 where we did hands-on work on how to use several Bioinformatics online tools such as BLAST, ORF Finder, Gene Alignment among others. We also used several genomics software such as MEGA and Crystal in the tutorials. On some days we had discussions of several papers on Genomics research. At the end of each day, we filled out a short survey about our experience in the sessions of that day.

On the last day (Day 9) we filled out a final survey and we were awarded certificates of attendence and flash drives. I have compiled some of the materials we used during the workshop. It includes Tutorial guides, Papers and genome files. You can find them here

Each day is represented by a folder. Enjoy!

Bioinformatics and Genomics Workshop Materials




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