Volunteer Work at a Wildlife Park

5 10 2011

In an earlier post, i hinted about my plans to do Volunteer work in order to build on my working experience so i could compete fairly for jobs with other graduates in future.

Well, i have just confirmed that i will be heading to a Wildlife Park on Friday, 7th October 2011 to do Volunteer work in Wildlife Conservation and Tourism. I’ve been quite busy during the past month to secure this placement and i am glad i finally go it. The placement will last 6 months (till April 2012) and i am more than ready to take it up.

My expectations: I hope to gain loads of experience especially in wildlife conservation and this will hopefully give me certain advantages when i decide to go for further studies. 6 months is good experience but i will need more. I also hope to have a good time.

The area where I will be working is very remote (it’s along the equator and a rift valley) but that is a good thing because i was becoming fed up of the city and what i need right now is a place that is calm where i will be able to relax and reminisce about my time at college.

I don’t really know if this will be a relaxing task since wildlife work involves lots of hard work and dedication but what i am certain about is that this is going to be a different experience from those i have had before. I have only been to a wildlife park once (in April during field course) and it wasn’t that bad. However, this particular park where i am going to work is very different and much bigger (764 sq miles). I am also there on a different role so i must expect a different experience.

This park has has many mammal species (95 species) such as Hippopotamuses, Elephants, Leopards, Lions, Chimpanzees, Buffaloes (and so many more). It also has lots of birds (500 spp) and reptiles. So it’s going to be a completely new experience, new opportunities and challenges but i am ready for everything.


The Kob

Since the area where i will be working is very remote, I don’t know if I will have Internet access, but in case do, I will be posting regularly or whenever i can here. I will also be posting daily updates to my Twitter page so make sure you catch me then.



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