8 01 2012

Happy New Year people and hope your enjoying 2012.

I am now half way through my volunteer work at the park and the experiences I’ve had so far have been so many. The past 3 months have been so informative as I’ve learnt a lot and i am looking forward to more experiences in the next 3 months.

When i started working at the park, i was attached to the Monitoring and Research department (MR) and it’s one of the most interesting units of the park. Other departments include Administration and Finance, Law Enforcement, Tourism and Community Conservation. Considering my educational background, the MR department was my best fit.

The MR unit does several activities such as Controlled Burning of the park, Fire Fighting, Animal rescue (where we treat sick and wire snared animals like elephants), Collecting samples from sick and dead animals, Supervise research activities in the park, Mapping burnt areas, Maintain the GIS database, Prepare Monthly and Quarterly reports, among others.

I have also met a lot of new people and now that i am living alone I’ve got a feel on how living like a bachelor feels like. So far, the experiences I’ve had have been the best.

Right now i am hoping to stay longer than the six months i was given so towards the end of my program i will talk to the Park Manager and see how he can help me stay longer.

They say pictures Here are some pictures from my several adventures at the park. I hope you enjoy them .

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6 02 2012
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